Olwiyo-Gulu Road(70.3km)

Project Detail


Project name and Length

Civil Works for the Upgrading of Olwiyo - Gulu Road (70.3 Km) from Gravel to Paved (Bituminous) Standard.


M/S Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd.

Previous Supervision Consultant

M/S Comptran Engineering and Planning Associates

Current Supervision Consultant

UNRA In-House Supervision Team (Since 2nd June 2019)

Contract sum

UGX 164,025,932,344

Funder (s)

Government of Uganda

Commencement date

18th September 2014

Original Completion date

21st September 2017 revised to 4th December 2019

Period of Contract time elapsed

 94.30% (According to revised Completion Date)

Work done to date

 95.12% as of August 2019

Contractor’s staff

 376 staff (male: 342, female: 34; 308 local and 34 foreign)

Supervisor’s staff

 23 staff (20 males, 3 female; 15 local, 8 foreign)


Project Details

This project aims at upgrading of Olwiyo - Gulu road (70.3km) to class II Standard paved road with a double bituminous surface dressed carriageway of 20mm thick and 7m width. The road traverses through three districts of Nwoya, Omoro and Gulu. The project scope includes surfacing, earthworks for widening, improvements to alignment geometry and side ditches.

Others works include swamp reclamation, construction of fills and subgrade with natural granular material, construction of new pipe culverts and one bridge. There was a variation in the scope to include 2 (two) 5m x 3m reinforced Box Culvert at Km 7+705 to replace the narrow and dilapidated bridge.

Project Variations

The total contract sum for this project was initially UGX 164,025,932,344. This was, however, later revised downwards to UGX 155,188,105,345, indicating a possible UGX 460 million (0.28%) saving.

Project Progress

The team observed that all the project activities, only the installation of the Box culvert and minor overlays were left by the time of the Monitoring visit.

The team also learnt from that the physical progress achieved as of August 2019 stood at 99.93% as compared to the planned 100% for the main project road (now substantially completed) and 85.4% against programmed 92% for the Gulu Town roads. Time elapsed was 98% as per the revised completion date of 30 July 2019. Financial progress was at 94.80% as of August 2018.

The cumulative amount for the Contractor certified to date is UGX 95,208,729,466 representing 61.35% of the revised UGX 155,188,105,345.