Maritime Administration

The Department is headed by the Commissioner Maritime Administration

The  Maritime Administration Department pledges to do the following;

  • Initiate develop and review policies and strategies intended to promote safety, security and environment friendly water transport undertake studies and engineering designs for rail, water and air transport modes;
  • Survey, inspect, register and license all vessels to comply with national and international standards;
  • Formulate and review water transport laws, regulations and standards;
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of water transport legislation
  • Coordinate and investigate incidents of water transport to identify cause and propose mitigation measures
  • Sensitize, educate and conduct advocacy safety campaigns to the general public on water transport
  • Coordinate formulation and implementation of national, regional and international agreements to enhance safety, security and protection of the environment of water transport in liaison with other respective countries and organizations;
  • Coordinate maritime search and rescue activities;
  • Implement and domesticate the required national and international conventions and protocols; and
  • Implement the maritime training of seafarers and supervise training centers to maintain standards


Ships, Ports
and Security Division

Safety of Navigation
& Training Division

Marine Inspection Registration
& Licensing Division