Mechanical Engineering Services

The Department is Headed by the Cheif Mechanica Engineer

The Department pledges to do the following;

  • Inspect government vehicles and equipment for condition assessment and onward advice as to future usage;
  • Maintain and manage Government vehicle/equipment inventory database
  • Evaluate Inspect equipment and vehicles for procurement, arbitration or disposal purposes
  • Guide in setting policies and standards for models / makes of vehicles for government usage
  • Set standards and requirements for private garages/ workshops that repair government vehicles and equipment
  • Assist the Districts in procurement planning and managing the maintenance of their road equipment
  • Offer key machine shop services on motor vehicle engine overhaul, machining/fabrication of key components and wood work within 5 days;
  • Maintain the Government registry of vehicles and register all new Government plant, equipment and motor vehicles within 5 days; and
  • Compute transport rates for use to transport civil servants within 2 days
Eng. Tony Kavuma

Eng. Tony Kavuma

Chief Mechanical Engineer


Services Inspection

Services Operation