Transport Regulation & Safety

The Department is headed by the Commissioner Transport Regulation and Safety

The Transport Regulation and Safety Department pledges to do the following;

• Initiate and develop transport policies, strategies and regulations to ensure effective, efficient and safe transport services
• Monitor and advise on effective on effective enforcement of transport legislation,
• Communicate the transport licensing Board decisions within 5 working days;
• Oversee investigations into causes of accidents and advise on mitigation measures;
• Inspect and licence PSV’s within one working day;
• Process a driving license in one day;
• Oversee sensitization programmes of the public about safety and discipline in the transport industry
• Oversee quality of mandatory motor vehicle inspection services
• Oversee performance of CAA and URC so as to ensure compliance with the legislation; and
• Co-ordinate formulation and implementation of bilateral, regional and international agreements to enhance safety of transport in liaison with other respective countries and organizations 


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