Musita-Lumino-Busia-Majanji Road (104km)

Project details

Project Detail


Project Title

Package 4: Upgrading of Musita-Lumino-Busia-Majanji Road (104km)

Project Funding

Government of Uganda (GoU): 100%

Implementing Agency

Uganda National Road Authority.

Main Contractor

China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co Ltd.


M/s. Consulting Engineering Centre, Jordan in Joint Venture with MBW Consulting Ltd, Uganda


Works Contract  Award Date

13th June 2014

Original Commencement Date

15 September 2014

Supervision Commencement Date

27 January 2015

Original Contract Price

Original: UGX 206,784,423,053

Revised Contract Amount

UGX.208,983,285,921 (Yet to be approved)

Original Contract Duration

Original: 1096 days (36 months)

Original Completion date

17th September 2017

Contract termination date

12th June 2017

Revised completion date

18th October 2019

Time progress

19.5 months (88.32%)

Financial Progress


Physical Progress

99% against 95% Planned


The Musita-Lumino-Busia-Majanji road is a gravel and earth road situated in the eastern part of Uganda. It traverses the Districts of Mayuge, Bugweri (previously Iganga), Bugiri, Namayingo and Busia. It is an alternative route connecting Musita Trading Centre on Jinja-Iganga highway to Busia town on the Uganda-Kenya border through Mayuge District. It is a short cut from Busia border town to Jinja through Namayingo-Nankoma and Musita town. The road serves as a link to a number of landing sites like Majanji, Lugala, Lufudu, Omenya, Wakawaka and Kigandala. It is an easier link to Dorwe, Hama and Sigulu islands.

Scope of works

The works being carried out comprise the Upgrading to a Class II Bitumen Standard of approximately 104 Km of the existing gravel road and approx. 20 Km of town roads. The completed road will have 7.0 m carriageway width flanked by 2.0m or 1.5 m double surface -dressed shoulders. The works include earthworks for widening, improvements to alignment geometry and side ditches, reconstruction of shoulders with natural material, construction of cement stabilized sub base, a base course with crushed stone material and double surface dressing and ancillary works.

The road is comprised of 300mm thick stabilized sub base, 200mm thick CRS base and a double surface dressing with lined drainage channels in urban areas. The road carriageway and shoulder width is 10m in rural areas.

Project progress

99.00% against 95.00% planned i.e. 13.64% at termination  (June 2017), plus 3.84% works done before termination  but approved after termination plus 81.52 % for the period  from January 2018 and up to and including July 2019. The actual monthly progress in the month of July 2019 is estimated at 3.02% against a plan of 3.97% with a monthly slippage/gain of -0.95%.