Rehabilitation of Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale Road

Project details

Project Details


Contract Title :

Rehabilitation of Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale road (99.3km)

Project Funding:

Government of the Republic of Uganda

Contracting Authority:

Government of the Republic of Uganda


UNRA In-House Construction and Supervision Department


Dott Services Limited

Commencement Date:

23rd April 2018

Contract Period:

25 month (761 days)

Completion Date:

22nd May 2020

Contract Price:

UGX 135,371,669,415/-

Physical progress

51.02% Achieved against 61.20% planned to date

Time progress

465 days against 761days planned (61.1%)

Financial progress



Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale road is approximately 100km, with a double bituminous surfacing. The road links the North Eastern parts of Uganda (Mbale, Sebei and Karamoja) to the South Eastern and Central parts of Uganda.



The physical progress of works as at 31st July 2019 is 51.02% against a planned progress of 61.2% while the time progress is at 61.1 %. The Slippage in progress was due to the fact that:

  • In the previous months (especially April to November 2018) the contractor was planning for less monthly activities contrary to his approved work program. Thecontractor was advised to plan his monthly activities in relation to his approved work program.
  • There are also activities that the contractor had planned to execute at this time which are not implementable due to instructions and work procedures. The Contractor has submitted revised work program which was approved on 31 July 2019, however, in accordance with the conditions of the contract, the contractor will continue to update his program in the event of delays.

It is also important to note that in terms of work production agreed upon in Consent Agreement, the Contractor has done 55.35km ahead of the required 52km by end of 13th Evaluation Month (23rd July 2019) thus complying with the target of 4km per month after expiry of the mobilization period of 2 months.