Improving Maritime Safety on Ugandan Waterways

The Multinational Lake Victoria Maritime Communication and Transport (MLVMCT) project identified maritime safety as one of the major challenges impeding the growth of the maritime industry within Uganda.

Therefore, the Ministry of Works and Transport through the MLVMCT project is making moves to improve maritime safety within Ugandan Waterways through enhancing the Search and Rescue system and establishing reliable weather monitoring systems on major Ugandan lakes including Lakes Victoria, Kyoga and Albert.

To enhance Search and Rescue capabilities, the Ministry of Works and Transport has acquired a Mobile Search and Rescue (SAR) Facility called DELTA 1 and a well-equipped ambulance boat, which will soon be launched and will be able to respond to any major distress incident to save lives.

The Ministry of Works and Transport has also acquired nine weather buoys which will be deployed on major lakes within Uganda to form a weather monitoring network that will give timely and reliable weather information to all Lake User communities to reduce distress incidents due to bad weather.