• Ministry of Works and Transport Plot 2/4 Airport Road,
    Adjacent to Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC)
  • P. O. Box 10 Entebbe, UGANDA
  • Phone: +256-414-352-199 OR +256-312-352-199
  • Mobile: +256-779-257-169


The functions of the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Unit (AAIIU) are: -

Independently conduct ‘no-blame’ investigations of accidents and incidents according to the laws, regulations, and international best practices.

Receive, assess, determine, and classify occurrence reports, including notifications of aviation occurrences

a)       To maintain a system for voluntary reporting of Aviation accidents and serious incidents.

b)       To organize, participate and control an investigation in relation to the safety of an aircraft;

c)       To prepare and disseminate an annual analysis and a newsletter of aviation events;

d)       To keep records of investigations and maintain an information database events;

e)       To analyse actions of individuals and legal entities in the field of aviation and the functioning of the objects and facilities related to a specific event for purposes of ensuring safety during investigations;

f)         To collect, analyse and disseminate data on aviation safety;

g)       To gather, record, analyse and publish relevant information of any accident or incident;

h)       To issue safety recommendations where appropriate;

i)         To determine the causes or contributing factors of accidents and incidents where possible; and

j)         Compilation, completion and publication of final reports of accidents and incidents.

k)       Prevent future accidents (ICAO Annex 13 objective) by identification of safety deficiencies and issuance of safety recommendations where appropriate and to fulfil Uganda’s obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO Annex 13 Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS))

l)         Update legislation, regulations, policies, procedures and obtain resources and develop expertise

m)     Cooperate with the UCAA to maintain a database of the voluntary non-punitive incident reporting system.

n)       Coordinate with other local authorities (military, police, airport authority, ATC service provider, search and rescue, judiciary, airline, maintenance facilities, hospitals, etc). Liaise with ICAO, other States, and the Aviation Industry, conduct research and safety studies on air safety data for accident prevention purposes and maintain relevant statistics

o)       Advise Minister on Aviation safety matters.