Masindi Park Junction and Tangi Junction-Para-Bulisa Roads (159km)

Project Details


Project name and Length

Civil Works for Design and Build for Upgrading from Gravel to Paved Standard of Masindi (Kisanja) - Park Junction and Tangi Junction - Paraa - Buliisa (159 Km)


China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC)

Supervision consultant

Abuljebain Engineering Consulting Office (AECO) in association with Technology Consult Ltd

Contract sum

USD 218,888,518.4

Funder (s)

China Exim Bank and Government of Uganda

Scope of Works

Design and Build Contract


Asphalt Concrete

Commencement date

23rd April 2018

Completion date

26th April 2021

Contract time elapsed


Physical Progress

11.36% against 43.18%

Design Progress

86.57% against the planned 100.00%

Contractor’s staff

822 Staff (Male: 756, Female: 66; 671 Local, 151 Foreign)

Supervisor’s staff

27 Staff (21 Males, 6 Females; 26 Local, 1 Foreign)


Project details

This project is located in Western Uganda and crosses the districts of Masindi, Nwoya and Buliisa. The road traverses a flat/rolling terrain and it involves upgrade of the road to bituminous paved road. The project consists of four lots namely;

  • Masindi – Kisanja (72 km)
  • Sambiya – Murchison Falls (12 km)
  • Tangi Junction – Paraa – Buliisa (52 km)
  • Wanseko – Bugungu (23 km)

Project Scope

The scope of work consists of:

  • Widening the embankment, bush clearing and topsoil stripping. The lower subgrade is made of G7 fill materials of 250-350 mm and the improved subgrade of G15 125-350mm. The subbase will be chemically stabilized cement of 150-215 mm, 125-150 mm of crushed stone base course and a wearing course of Asphalt Concrete of 55-100mm.
  • Installation of concrete pipe culverts of 900 mm and 1200mm and construction of single and multiple cell box culverts.
  • Construction of a total of 7 bridges along the road, and these include four (4) along Masindi – Kisanja section namely; Waiga with a span of 24m, Wairongo with a span of 30m, Zoliya with a span of 18m, and Sambiya with a span of 18m.

Three (3) bridges are on Tangi Junction – Paraa – Buliisa section namely; Tangi with a span of 30m, Emmi with a span of 18m and a big Paraa Bridge with a span of 525m.

  • Paraa bridge, which is composed of 13 spans each at 40m and bridge deck of 15.95m wide.

Project progress

  • The work done against progress stands at 11.36% against a planned 43.18% indicating slippage of 31.82%.
  • The design progress stands at 86.57% against a planned 100.00% indicating slippage of 13.43%.
  • The financial progress is 13.78% against a planned 45.42%.
  • The contract time elapsed by the time of the visit was 44%.
  • Works on the bridges stands at Waiga 39.67%, Wairongo 54.10%, Zoliya 43.05%, Sambiya 22.76%, Tangi the designs had just been approved, Emmi 18.17% and Paraa Bridge 9.55% and a temporary steel bridge had been completed and use.