Uganda Driving Licenses System (UDLS) Commended for Outstanding Service Delivery

Hon. Fred Byamukama, The State Minister for Transport while playing his oversight role, visited the Uganda Driving Licenses Facility on the 21st of February, to inspect its operational aspects. The Minister had previously visited the facility in August 2021.

While visiting the facility, the Minister went further to renew his driving license. He noted that service provision had been greatly enhanced. Citing his personal experience as both an applicant and client, the Minister rated the services at a level of 99% efficiency. He noted that the streamlined process took him just about 25 minutes. The facility boasts of an all-Ugandan workforce, comprising 125 dedicated employees.

He called upon Ugandans, particularly politicians and high-ranking civil servants, to ensure they obtain driving licenses, emphasizing the collaboration with the police to maintain sanity on the roads.

The Minister has personally championed efforts to enhance road safety including extending driving licensing mobile services extending to the Albertine region. Overall, the Mobile services to the Districts and towns has resulted in 11,826 people getting registered since commencement.

 The World Health Organization has reported alarming statistic of 16 deaths on a daily basis resulting from death crushes which has prompted intensified regulation of driving school curriculums by the Ministry in charge of Transport Regulations.