Policy and Planning

The Department is headed by the Commissioner Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning Department pledges to do the following;

  • Initiate, formula, review and coordinate policies in the works and transport sector
  • Plan, monitor, update and coordinate implementation of the sector Development plan, Nation Transport Master Plan and other plans in the sector
  • Maintain a comprehensive and up to date database on sector infrastructure and performance i.e. Transport Sector Data Management System;
  • Compile and distribute an annual Performance Report by 30 August of each year;
  • Coordinate he preparation of the budget Framework Paper and Preliminary Budget Estimates and submit to Ministry of Finance planning and Economic Development by 15 November of each year;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the ministerial Policy statement and detailed Budget Estimates and submit to Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development by 28 February of each year




Statistics Monitoring
and Evaluation