Kaazi Maritime Search and Rescue Site Handover

The Ministry of works and transport is commencing the construction works for the nine Search and Rescue (SAR) stations on Ugandan major lakes under the Multinational Lake Victoria Maritime Communication and Transport (MLVMCT) Project, including six (6 no.) on Lake Victoria, one (1 no.) on Lake Kyoga and two (2 no.) on Lake Albert.

Kaazi Landing site is located within the Uganda Scouts Association camp at Kaazi, and is one of the six locations on Lake Victoria where a SAR station will be constructed to implement Maritime Search and Rescue.

On 9th September 2022, a site handover event was held at Kaazi landing site involving officials from Ministry of Works and Transport Lead by the Project Coordinator of the Multinational Lake Victoria Maritime Communication Transport (MLVMCT) Project, Uganda Scouts Association representatives and Directors of CMD Investments Limited (Contractor). 

The Contract is expected to take 18 months till completion. A site meeting was held to begin the event, after which the Ministry of Works and Transport officials together with the representatives of Uganda Scouts Association showed the site boundaries and access route to the contractor, and officially handed over the site to the contractor for commencement of works.

The MLVMCT Project Coordinator emphasized corporation between the contractor and Uganda Scouts Association throughout the construction works, and the Uganda Scouts association representatives pledged to support the contractor where necessary and urged the contractor to work within the set timelines of the project.