Prime Minister, Transport Minister Commission Mpanga-6 Bridge

The Minister of State for Transport, Hon. Fred Byamukama, accompanied the Prime Minister of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja to commission Mpanga-6 Bridge in Kabambiro sub-county, Kamwenge District.

This critical infrastructure was handed over to the Kabambiro sub-county community on Saturday 18th September 2021. Construction of the Mpanga-^ bridge was fully funded by the government of Uganda.

The bridge’s construction commenced in February 2019 and was completed in December 2020 with a lifespan of 120 years. The bridge is 30metres long seated atop river Mpanga.

In her remarks, the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanja mentioned that Uganda relies on its road network for the movement of over 90% of its goods and passenger traffic. A sound road transport infrastructure is therefore critical to achieving the national aspiration of a strong, private sector-led growth that contributes to economic development and poverty reduction.

The government of Uganda has embarked on reconstruction of several bridges and roads across Uganda in an effort to ensure connectivity, mobility so that people can engage in trade and access services. One of the government’s strategies of reducing inequality is to build bridges across the nation

I want to thank His Excellency for committing funds to support infrastructure projects of this magnitude. We know for sure, that these bridges will significantly contribute to the economic development of Uganda and hence poverty reduction.

Mpanga-6 Bridge placed atop River Mpaga was part of a Lot of 4 bridges - Mpondwe Bridge on Kampala - Mubende - Fortportal - Uganda/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border road. Nsongi Bridge on Kasisi-Rulete-Kabata-Rwenkerizi-Kyanga Road, Ruzairwe Bridge on Kibaale-Kyebando-Pacwa Road and Mpanga-6 Bridge on Kamwenge Kabambiro road.

Mpanga bridge