Integrated Transport Infrastructure and Services (ITIS) Programme Review Workshop

In a momentous assembly, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Robbinah Nabbanja presided over the 3rd Integrated Transport Infrastructure and Services (ITIS) Programme Review Workshop, drawing together a distinguished and diverse array of participants from various sectors. The gathering included Hon. Ministers, Members of Parliament, Development Partners, District Political Leaders, Civil Society Representatives, the Academic Community, the Private Sector, the Media, and Senior Government Officials.

Expressing delight at the diversity and influence of the attendees, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister highlighted the workshop's significance as a testament to an unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Integrated Transport and Infrastructure Services (ITIS) Programme review workshop is spearheaded by the Ministry of Works and Transport and constitutes UNRA, UCAA, URC, URF, KCCA, UNACL, NBRB, EACAA, Engineers Registration Board, and UNABCEC.

In his opening remarks, the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Bageya Waiswa stated that the workshop’s theme, "Enhance the Stock and Optimize Multi-modal Transport Connectivity for Sustainable Socio-economic Development," encapsulates the vision of a seamless, safe, inclusive, and sustainable multi-modal transport system.

The Permanent Secretary also remarked about the ITIS Programme pivotal role in advancing socio-economic development through enhanced transport connectivity. The workshop participants engaged in a thorough assessment of the programme's journey, marked by both opportunities and challenges.

Aligned with national policies, the workshop adheres to the National Policy on Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation and the Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines for the National Development Plan III. The agenda included presentations on the progress of the ITIS Programme, the Annual Programme Performance Report for FY 2022/23, and the programme's performance assessed by the Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit of the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development.

In his address, the Minister of State for Works, Hon. Musa Echweru outlined the objectives of the review workshop which included, appraising stakeholders on the implementation progress of the action points arrived at during the 2nd ITIS-Programme Review Workshop, review of the performance of the ITIS Programme for the previous FY 2022/23 and arriving at decisions on future priority actions. The workshop is also meant to identify constraints, challenges, and solutions to programme performance.

The Minister further detailed significant milestones in legislation, policies, and strategies under the ITIS Programme, emphasizing the commitment to shaping a reliable and safe transport infrastructure for socio-economic transformation.

Acknowledging challenges faced during the period under review, such as road safety concerns, climate change impacts, low funding for road maintenance, and delayed project commencements, the Minister urged collaboration, innovation, and determination for optimizing multi-modal transport connectivity.

The workshop concluded with a commitment to the goals outlined in the National Development Plan III, ensuring continued progress in various projects essential for the country's development.