Stakeholders' Consultative Workshop to Validate Draft Final Report of Road Sector Development Programme (RSDP4)

The Ministry of Works and Transport hosted stakeholders from the road sector welcome at a highly significant Stakeholders' Consultative Workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss and validate the Draft Final Report of the fourth Road Sector Development Programme (RSDP4), a pivotal initiative aimed at advancing the transport infrastructure in Uganda.

The Integrated Transport Infrastructure and Services (ITIS) Programme which encompasses Ministries, departments and agencies concerned with infrastructure and transport, seeks to establish a seamless, safe, inclusive, and sustainable multi-modal transport system. All interventions under the ITIS Programme are aligned with the development goals of the country, focusing on creating an enabling policy and regulatory environment, as well as developing essential physical infrastructure assets to improve livelihoods and foster economic growth.

Significant milestones have been achieved within the ITIS Programme to create an enabling policy and regulatory environment. These include the drafting of the Engineers Registration Bill, commencement of the URC amendment bill 2022, completion of Regulatory Impact Assessments for drafting various policies and laws, and the final stages of completing the National Integrated Transport Masterplan 2021-2040, among others. Additionally, progress has been made in preparing and reviewing regulations, standards, and guidelines to support the effective implementation of policies and laws.

To effectively implement the aforementioned policies and laws, the ITIS Programme requires robust planning frameworks as decision-making tools. Therefore, the Ministry, in collaboration with the African Development Bank, has prepared the Fourth Road Sector Development Programme (RSDP4). Aligned with various planning frameworks, including the NRM Manifesto 2021–2026, the Third National Development Plan (NDP III), and the National Integrated Transport Master Plan NITMP (2021-2040), RSDP4 aims to achieve improved transport connectivity, promote local construction industry and private sector participation, facilitate inclusive and sustainable growth, encourage research and development, determine future investment needs, enhance monitoring and evaluation, and identify necessary road development and maintenance interventions.

However, that the previous Road Sector Development Programme, RSDP3, was not approved by Cabinet due to various reasons, including insufficient consultation with key stakeholders. Hence, it was imperative that this consultative workshop is held to ensure comprehensive stakeholder engagement in formulating RSDP4, which will subsequently be submitted for Cabinet approval.

The consultative workshop was seeking the stakeholders technical feedback and opinions, crucial to the development of an evidence-based Road Sector Development Programme that will guide road development in Uganda.