Launch of the Gavu-Nsagi Low Cost Road in Mukono District

The Honorable Minister of State for Works, Musa Ecweru commissioned the construction works for the 6km Low cost sealing of the Gavu-Nsagi road in Kasawo- Busia Mukono District.

Low cost sealing is a technology that utilizes locally available materials and labour. The technology targets roads that typically carry less than 300 vehicles per day.

The approach has been adopted as an alternative to graveling and traditional bituminous surfacing, this reduces on the maintenance backlogs and can stimulate social and economic growth,

In 2008, Government realized that the cost of maintaining gravel roads was skyrocketing as gravel, which is the major construction material, and a finite resource was getting depleted and haulage distances getting longer, coupled with the fact that it serves for a very short time. Additionally, most gravel roads are impassable during the rainy season and dusty during the dry season, hence unfriendly to the environment.

In 2009, Government signed an Agreement with Government of Denmark to implement the U-Growth Programme; a main ingredient of which was the introduction of the low cost sealing approach through training conducted at Mount Elgon Labour-Based Training Centre (MELTC) and roll out initially in a few districts.

To date, the Ministry has trained over 30 contractors and is training more in the technology. The technology was tried in the greater Districts of Teso, Lango and Acholi sub-regions and it now covers 27 Districts in the same sub-regions. The results were very impressive. Over 150km of low volume roads have been sealed using the technology in the project districts. The roll out of the technology did not start until FY 2018/19 when the Ministry secured funding.

These Low volume roads in various Districts are to be constructed using the Low Cost Seal Technology this financial year;

  • Busaana Town Council road (4.0km) in Kayunga District
  • Hima-Kihyo Road (6.0km) and Kirembo-Kasemire road in Kasese District
  • Iki Iki Town Council roads (5km) in Budaka District
  • Kanyeganegye- Nyakisa road (5.0Km) in Rukiga District
  • Kiboga Town Council roads (2.0km) in Kiboga District
  • Kiwoko-Katalekamese road (5.0km) in Nakaseke District
  • Buyende town council roads (2.2Km) in Buyende District
  • Nabitende Church road (1.8Km) in Iganga District
  • Limlim road (0.7km)Kaddam road (1.5km) and Market road (2.8km) in Nakapiripirit District
  • Mweena Road (2.8Km), Ssemakadde road (1.5km) and Buggala road (0.7km) in Kalangala District
  • Amus-KAyembe and konginga Town council stressr toad (5.0km) in Bukedea District.