Launch of The Traffic and Road Safety Act, 1998 (Amendment) Act, 2020

The Traffic and Road Safety Act, 1998 (Amendment) Act, 2020 was launched on Thursday 28th May at the Ministry of Transport and Works.

Speaking at its launch, the Minister for Works and Transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala said the new law will help reduce chaos but also hold reckless road users culpable for their acts and misbehavior.

“The act provides for a demerit point system where points are attached to the driving license. The points can be deducted if the holder is convicted of certain traffic offenses prescribed under regulations,” the Minister said.

According to the law assented to by President Museveni on May 22, 2020, drivers will have opportunity to upgrade licenses without going back to driving schools and receive licenses with longer validity.

The amendment also introduced among other things driving licenses with a 5 year validity, demerit points that could lead to loss of a driving license among a reckless drivers and garage and repair facilities to be registered.

The law will also see registration of garages and tech-based transport service providers such as safe Boda and uber.

“Transport network providers using online digital platforms such as Uber, Bolt, Safe Boda shall be licensed and regulated to ensure that they are safe, secure, are efficient and that they comply with their tax obligations,” Gen.Katumba Wamala said.

All drivers will also be required to complete all vehicle transfers to avoid future complications in case vehicles they sold are involved in any criminal incidents.