Infra-Mahathi Project: Oil Jetti-Entebbe

Project information

This is a company that is heavily investing in infrastructure to transport oil from the Port of Kisumu to Entebbe in Uganda. Kisumu is linked with an oil pipeline from Mombasa, which means there will be a reduction in the use of roads to transport fuel from Kenya to Uganda when this project is operationalized. Mahathi Infra (U) Ltd. will not be involved in the sale of oil, but its core objective is just to transport the oil from Kenya to Uganda.

Present Fuel Transport System

Presently, petroleum products like Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene and Jet A1 are transported by Road from Kisumu/Eldoret in Kenya. The associated issues with this system are:

  • It is expensive
  • Leads to traffic congestion
  • Creates pollution

The issues above will in turn lead to serious problems, which include:

  • Accidents, calling for Road Safety issues
  • Damaging of roads, which calls for frequent road repairs
  • Adulteration of the fuel
  • Uncertainty in the supplies, among others.


Transport System on Lake Victoria

  • Transport fuels on Lake Victoria from Kisumu to Kampala using Oil Tanker ships;
  • Store the fuels in huge tanks at our Terminal and load in trucks for supply/distribution in Uganda and to neighboring countries;
  • A Jetty is already built in Kisumu-Kenya for loading the oil tankers.

The benefits to this system of transportation are:

  • Cheaper than road transport.
  • Road congestion reduced.
  • Adulteration reduced.
  • Reduced pollution.
  • Reliability in supplies.
  • Has reversibility, i.e. can transport back from Uganda when refinery production starts in Uganda.
  • Direct employment to local persons in Kenya and Uganda.
  • Indirect Employment to many due to development of ancillary industries
  • Skill development of local persons in marine and mechanical sectors.

Project Infrastructure – Storage Terminal

  • There will be a total 14 Storage Tanks.
  • 4 products will be transported, i.e. AGO, PMS, IK, and Jet A1.
  • There will be 20 Truck Loading Bays.
  • Automated Operations with Smart cards and TAS
  • 250 M Jetty for Berthing Oil Tankers.
  • There will be pipelines connecting Jetty and Tanks.
  • An automated Fire Fighting System to be put in place.
  • Storage Capacity will be 70,000,000 Liters, i.e.
  • 3 Tanks of Diesel, each with 9,000,000 L capacity;
  • 3 Tanks of Gasoline, each with 9,000,000 L capacity;
  • 4 Tanks of Jet A1, each with 2,000,000 L capacity;
  • 4 Tanks of Kerosene, each with 2,000,000 L capacity.


Project Infrastructure – Jetty

  • A 250 meters long Jetty is being constructed at Bugiri-Bukasa site for Berthing of Oil Tanker barges.
  • There will be individual pipelines for all products from Jetty to the tanks.
  • Effective minimum draft of 4 meters.
  • Unloading time – 8hrs.
  • At 10 nautical miles speed, the estimated transit time – 16hrs.


Project Infrastructure – Oil Tanker Barges

  • Construction of the Oil Tanker Barges is taking place at Bugiri-Bukasa site;
  • There will be four Self-Propelling Oil Tanker Barges, each measuring 118 M long by 23 M wide;
  • Each tanker capacity will be 4,400,000 liters (Estimated at about 150 Road trucks);
  • Green concept in ship building (zero pollution) is being adopted;
  • Modern navigation methods shall be adopted;
  • Draft needed – 2.5 meters (Depth).