Kabindula Swamp Crossing

Project Details


Project name and Length

Construction of Kabindula Swamp Crossing (180M )


Ms. Shataman Contractors Uganda Ltd

Contract sum

Original Contract: UGX 1,245,084,434

Funder (s)

Government of Uganda

Districts traversed by project


Commencement date

18th July 2018

Completion date

Initial completion: 30th April 2019

Revised completion : 30th August 2019

Work done to date (%) against the program

60% against 71.88% of planned

Supervision Consultant

Ministry of Works and Transport

Supervision commencement date

18th July, 2018



Project Location

Kabindula Swamp Crossing is located along Ntwetwe – Kitwala Road across River Kitumbi on the District Road Network. The swamp crossing is approximately 180m long, with River Kitumbi marked at the centre.

During inspection, it was observed that the crossing comprised of pipe culverts at these approximate chainages: 5x1200mm diameter concrete culverts at 0+210 and 0+150; 7×1200 mm at 0+180. Most of the culverts were flowing full due to being blocked by silt and also as a result of being laid at very low inverts.

Upon drainage analysis and geotechnical studies, structures were proposed and adopted as the design intervention. It’s upon these findings that the Ministry decided to reconstruct the bridge. A contract agreement was therefore signed on 5th June, 2018 between the Ministry of Works and Transport and M/s. Shataman Contractors (U) Ltd for the construction of Kabindula Swamp crossing in Kyankwanzi District.



Actual physical works as of July 2019 was at 75% against a planned 100%. Initial project completion date was 30th April 2019, but the project was extended at no cost to 30th August 2019 due to inclement weather which halted works.