Pre-cast concrete Railway reserve boundary markers phase III

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Project Name:

Supply and Installation of Pre-cast concrete Railway reserve Boundary Markers, Phase III


Muga Services Limited


Uganda Railways Corporation (URC)


GOU Institutional support through MOWT

Works Contract Price:


Start  Date:

15th October 2018

Contract Period:

5 months

Intended Completion Date

15th March 2019

Time Extension Granted

3 weeks

Revised Completion Date

5th April 2019

Reason for time extension

Inclement weather, delayed sensitization and boundary opening

Defects liability Period

6 Weeks

Physical progress


Financial status



Project Overview

Supply and Installation of pre-cast concrete railway reserve boundary markers was identified as a key project in mitigating against the rampant encroachment on URC railway reserve land. The project would play a key role in enforcing, managing and safe guarding the land interests of URC in line with its 5 year strategic plan as one of its strategic objectives.

Phase I had covered the sections of Kampala-Mutundwe, Kampala-Port Bell, Kampala-Mukono-Seeta as well as Jinja and Iganga station approaches. There was resistance in some areas due to land ownership disputes which the contract management team omitted from the project scope. Phase II covered the area gaps identified from Phase I as well as extending the exercise from Mutundwe to Bujuuko, Kawolo-Lubanyi-Nyenga sections.

An in-house reconnaissance survey was previously done in 2018 as well as a pre-commencement sensitization exercise in January 2019. The reconnaissance survey identified the following sections for Phase III; Iganga-Busembatia, Busembatia-Budumba, Budumba-Nagongera, Nagongera-Tororo.

Actual sections covered under the railway reserve boundary markers project Phase III due to the available funding were; Magamaga – Bulanga, Bulanga – Iganga, Iganga – Busembatia, Busembatia – Budumba and Budumba – Nagongera.

The project is fully funded by Government of Uganda under the institutional support program through the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Scope of works

  • Supply of reinforced concrete railway reserve boundary markers Type A and B including delivery to erection sites
  • Testing and quality control of boundary markers as prescribed in the statement of requirements
  • Clearing of vegetation at the boundary marker erection sites
  • Opening boundaries of railway reserves including provision of survey report duly signed by a registered land surveyor
  • Erecting reinforced concrete boundary markers Type A and B
  • Painting of erected boundary markers as prescribed in the statement of requirements
  • Geo-referencing of erected boundary markers including submission of a survey report.