Kampala-Entebbe Expressway

Project details

Project Details


Project Name:

Design and Build of Kampala - Entebbe Expressway (49.56km)

Funding Agency:

Exim Bank of China (73.58%) and GoU (26.4%)


China Communications Construction Company Ltd

Supervision Consultant:

Beijing Expressway Supervision Company Ltd.

Original contract sum:

USD 476,000,000.00

Revised contract price:

USD 479,172,020.00 + UGX 8,397,444,464.11

Commencement date:

19th November 2012

Completion date:

18th November 2017, revised to 25th July 2019

Physical progress (Aug. 2019)

100% against planned target of 100%

Time progress:


Financial progress:

100% (479,172,020.00 + UGX 8,397,444,464.11)

Total amount paid to PAPs

UGX.297,559,147,064 against UGX.329,323,480,447

Number of PAPs paid:

4,500 against 4,600 approved.

Total land to be acquired:

773.87 Acres


The main project objective of the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway is to provide an efficient mass transit route between two vital cities (Kampala and Entebbe) in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) region and decongest Kampala. The total length of the project is 49.56km and is being constructed using the design and build approach. Funded by Exim Bank of China and the Government of Uganda, the project commenced on 19th November 2012 and was expected to be complete by 18th November 2017, but this was revised to 16th November 2018, and again revised to 25th July 2019.

Scope of work
The project is comprised of the construction of a 4-lane dual carriageway with two major sections as detailed below;
(a). 36.94 km road connecting Kampala Northern Bypass at Busega to the existing Kampala-Entebbe road at Mpala; and
(b). 12.62 km road from Kajjansi to Munyonyo through Lweza. An interchange was built at Kajjansi for purposes of this connection.
The section from Busega to Mpala has a restricted access and is has adopted an expressway standard roadway width from 21.7m to 26.7m, with a design speed of 100km/h.

The section from Mpala to Kitooro (Entebbe), has been widened between 20.6m-22.1m with a design speed of 80km/h, while the section from Kitooro to the Airport Gate is throughway standard with a roadway width 20.6m - 22.1m and design speed of 50km/h.

The Kajjansi - Munyonyo section is a spur type highway with the Urban through Standard roadway width of 20.1m - 22.1m and design speed is 80km/h.

The road project also includes the following structures:
(i). 19 overpass bridges, 44 box slab culverts and 17 underpasses;
(ii). 4 major bridge structures at Busega, Nalukolongo, Kaggwa and Nambigirwa;
(iii). 3 interchanges located at Busega, Kajjansi and Abaita Ababiri;
(iv). 3 Toll gates located at Busega, Kajjansi and Mpala.


Project progress to-date
The physical work progress achieved as of 31st July 2019 was 100% against a planned target of 100% whereas the time elapsed was 100%. The progress is based on the revised completion date of 25th July 2019.
The contractor has substantially completed the identified road sections and was issued Taking-over certificates as follows:
Overlay section from Kitooro to Entebbe Airport gate (4.02km) – 22nd November 2017;
(i). Busega to Mpala (24.5km) – 15th May 2018;
(ii). Kajjansi to Munyonyo Spur (12.68km) – 18th May 2019;
(iii). Widening section from Mpala to Entebbe (8.32km) – 17th July 2019.
The contractor is currently undergoing 12-months defect liability for the just concluded section, and the project will have a 5-year guarantee period.




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