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Fencing of the Kampala Goods Shed

Project Location

This project is being carried out within Kampala Railway Station, East of the Railway Headquarter Building.

Project Details


Project Name:

Contract for Fencing of the Kampala Goods shed

Funding Agency:

Government of Uganda through MoWT


M/s. Leading Edge Investments Limited


Uganda Railways Corporation.

Contract duration:

2 months

Original contract sum:

UGX. 257,580,400 (Excl. Taxes)

Value Added Tax:

UGX. 46,364,472

Commencement date:

4th February, 2019

Expected completion date:

26th April, 2019

Revised completion date:

22nd November, 2019


Purpose of the fence

  • To demarcate the Kampala Goods shed and safeguard the URC property and customers’ goods;
  • Fencing is a requirement by Uganda Revenue Authority for Customs Bonded Warehouse licensing, yet URC intends to secure customs bonded warehouse operating license.
  • To prevent encroachers, trespassers and illegal movement in and out of the Kampala Goods shed.


Scope of works

  • Clearing of 3,056m2 of the vegetation and grass along the fence line (2m) on either sides of the fence;
  • Excavation and earth works for the foundations;
  • Masonry works; building of the concrete block to BS 3921 of 4N/mm2 compressive strength bedded and joint in cement and sand (1:3) mortar 300mm wide and an average height of 750mm with 25mm wide hoop iron every alternate course;
  • Precast Concrete; Building the precast copings onto the walls for 764m length of the fence line;
  • Palisade fence works and access gates according to the ToR;
  • RSA Repair of the 3 access gates: align, stretch and straighten in position “See through gate” made in accordance with the ToR;
  • Removal and disposal of waste-site restoration.